Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Glasses are WHERE????

Ok, so by the end of last school year I noticed that Piper had not been wearing her glasses. I asked where they were, and I was sure she had lost them. She had assured me that she had not lost them, but left them on her desk and now they were gone... Yeah... right.
Now look who is eating crow.
A couple of days ago Piper was cleaning up the backyard... yep the poop. What did she find? Well in one pile, she found the
sides, in another pile she found the front, and the last pile she found the lenses. WHOLE. That dog ate them whole. Boy, I wonder how well they came out? Let's hope Cooper has learned his lesson. As a joke I think we should tell Piper that she will need to clean them off and we can get them fixed.

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Ashley said...

That is stinkin' gross!! That's all I have to say, but also very hilarious!!!

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