Friday, July 25, 2008

If you care to find me, look to the western sky......

I love Wicked and cannot get enough of it. I must listen to the soundtrack at least 3-4 times a week. In May, a good friend and I took my 2 daughters to see the musical at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. What a great weekend we had. All we told the girls, is that they were having a girl's weekend in Seattle. We drove to Seattle and directly to the airport. Even then, they did not catch on. Piper kept commenting about all the planes but never asked why we were there. Funny.
Finally, when we parked, the light-bulb turned on. They loved their first flights, Zoey, being a roller-coaster lover, upon take off, threw her hands up in the air and shouted "WWEEEEEE". That's my girl.
I think we packed as much as you can do into one weekend. Took a tour through the "Hollyhock House" built by Frank Lloyd Wright and I have to say it was extremely interesting. Educational event...check. Had lunch at the Ivy and saw Jennifer Love Hewitt and Zsa Zsa's husband. Celeb spotting... check. Walked down the walk of fame and saw the Chinese Theater. Where upon finding Johnny Depp's hands and feet in cement, Piper almost started crying. Crazy Tween. Tourist activity...check. and of course Shopping....CHECK!!

That evening we went to the musical, and I have to say it was amazing! The sets, the performers, and we all new we would love the music! At different times both of the girls leaned over and told me that they were so excited to be there, they started to cry a little. And.. I must admit, I almost did too. I love having the special experiences with my kids, ones that will last in our memories for-ever!
Being a mom is so cool. Afterwards, they both picked out a gift at the gift shop and what do they pick... snow globes, one Glenda (plays popular) and Elfaba (plays defying gravity).

Funny story coming home, on the plane, on which we checked NO baggage.....What you ask is in a snow globe? Yeah, liquid and a little more than 3 oz. So after getting through all the check points at LAX (which by the way was a little more crazy that Seattle) We had to start all over and check the globes. Luckily, I found a nice man who must have seen the look of sheer panic on my face and personally took and checked the bag and took me back to the security point, I had just left. Only maybe a 15 minute delay! He was great.

It was such a special weekend, and I love the fact that my girls are excited about the theater as I am. Hopefully, we will be able to little trips like these for a long time to come.

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